Here is a list of some of the books I have read or am currently reading: 

Shepherding a Child's Heart (really love this one)
The Excellent Wife
Give them Grace
Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God
John Adams by David McCullough (I love American history)
Charlotte Mason Companion
When you Rise Up
*Lessons at Blackberry Inn
*Pocketful of Pinecones      *(I found both of these to be very relaxing and encouraging)*
Queen of the Home
Of Plymouth Plantation
Things I wish I knew when my kids were young...Reb Bradley

Some of my favorites with family:

Any Lamplighter we love.
Charlie's Choice
Teddy's Buttons
True to the Last
The Hidden Hand
Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince
Sir Knight of the Splendid Way
Boys of Grit
What Happened to Tad
The Hedge of Thorns
The Lost Clue (my daughter read this to my husband and I and we would stay up late because we just wanted "one more chapter").

Amos Fortune
Ginger Pye ( I can still hear my son laughing with me during one of the parts in the book, "Ah, Bubba".
Otto of the Silver Hand
Narnia (especially the first three)

The YWAM Missionary Biographies (ALL of them!)

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