Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Harvest Party!

What better time of year to run around a be silly than in the Fall!  We decided that we would have a party for our church staff...chili, cornbread,(thanks to the Langs!), chips and salsa, and salad!  Then we headed over to Trewargy's Orchard and ran through the Corn Maze!  Talk about run...when you pair up with my daughter, Victoria, be prepared to RUN!!  She likes to win and so we ran like we were being chased by outlaws and then we.....lost:(  
We have been in pastoral ministry for 18 years.  You learn a few things through the course of time and hopefully mature and become more like Christ.  One thing that has really meant so much to me is the fact that God plans the seasons in our lives.  We can look back and see Him in everything, a strand of grace running through our life story.  I love our story.  I love even more the people He has placed in our story.  People who share a common goal, faith, and love.  Our church staff has become so special to my heart.  I truly love these people and am so thankful for the season we are entering into.  

The Maddens

 The Manns

 The Funaris

 The Langs

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